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The oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world 

Regular Freemasonry is exclusively male. Freemasonry’s ideas and particular methods are not suitable for everyone.

That is why a particular recruitment process is required. The Masonic commitment is serious and should not be taken lightly. It assumes that the man making the application is ready to make a personal effort within and around himself. He believes in the possibility of improvement through search and tolerance and sharing the best of equality and fraternity. He is comfortable in a group. He has a sensitivity agreeing with symbolism and initiation process. Masonry is above all a personal approach.

Freemasons do not recruit new members. We welcome inquiries that may lead to asking the question…”How do I become a member?” We much prefer quality in a few members rather than numerous members with lesser ambitions. Indeed, one may want to improve himself without fully appreciating the symbolism and rituals of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is not intended for everyone and its symbols don’t “speak” to everyone. It is therefore not by elitism that the Masonic Lodges are conservative with respect to those who knock on their doors, but awareness of their uniqueness and the complexity of their approach that respects the individuality and evolution of each the multiplicity of interests of its members.

In our Constitution Article 207 (d) requires that you have resided in the province of Quebec for twelve (12) months, and shall have his place of abode therein for six (6) months or more immediately previous to the date of his applications;

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